“It’s a simple yet gripping story, which doesn’t overstay its welcome”

Whiplash (2014)
by Ryan Casey @CaseTheAce87

Certificate: 15
Cast: Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons, Melissa Benoist
Director(s): Damien Chazelle
Screenwriter(s): Damien Chazelle
Running Time: 107 mins

Round four of our Oscar review season presents somewhat of a dark horse in the battle for Academy Award success… the five time nominated adapted screenplay Whiplash.

Andrew (Teller) a talented young drummer enrolls at a top music conservatory desperate to achieve greatness, he finds himself under the tutor-age of an intimidating instructor Fletcher (Simmons) whose intense style of unlocking his students full potential, takes their relationship to breaking point, as they both strive for musical perfection.

If i had to sum up Whiplash in one word, it’d be; Relentless! The movie barely lets you  draw breath. To talk in laymen terms… The movie is really well put together… It’s a simple yet gripping story, which doesn’t overstay its welcome, with an 107 minute run-time that simply flies by.

The only negative aspect of Whiplash is a fleeting love interest, which slightly detracts from its captivating main story.. However even this serves a purpose in mild character development, as well as giving you a slight rest bite in a movie that will honestly leave you feeling emotionally drained! (In a good way…)

J.K. Simmons is easily the standout player in Whiplash & thoroughly deserves his nomination as Best Supporting Actor. I can’t remember a character in a movie who provokes such a wide range of genuine emotion & feeling, including; intrigue, hatred, fear, comedy & empathy. He is a tour de force. Not that the other performances are at all bad, Teller definitely deserves a positive mention… It must have been terrifying being on the same set as Simmons. There are certain scenes that you feel genuinely sorry for his character. It is hard to watch at times.. But impossible to take your eyes off.

An absolute must see for music (especially jazz) & film lovers alike. Whiplash’s smooth editing, stylish music score, combined with one of the most powerful, emotionally charged performances I’ve seen on the big screen for some time, make Whiplash a dark horse with some serious standing.

maniac - rating - 4.5