“Occasionally a film turns up that really makes you question the sanity of the film industry…”

The Harry Hill movie Review
By Ryan Casey

The Harry Hill Movie (2013)
Certificate: PG

Cast: Harry Hill, Julia Walters, Johnny Vegas, Matt Lucas
Director(s): Steve Bendelack
Screenwriter(s): Jon Foster, Harry Hil
Running Time: 88 minutes

Now let me set one thing straight, I like Harry Hill, I’ve enjoyed his television offerings for a number of years. Although I must admit, upon hearing about The Harry Hill Movie three questions sprang to mind; What? How? Why? Clearly not out of enthusiastic anticipation, more sheer bafflement… Come the end of the movie would all my questions be answered? 

Harry Hill has a hamster called Abu (voiced by Johnny Vegas) that Harry’s jealous long lost brother Otto (Matt Lucas) wants to kidnap; he dispatches his two henchmen to realize his dastardly plan… I can’t really expand on that.

Occasionally a film turns up that really makes you question the sanity of the film industry… This is indeed one such example. After sitting through 90 minutes (felt more like 26 days) of pointless, uninspiring drivel, akin to a feature length kids TV programme from the 1990s, I found myself asking exactly the same questions I had before watching The Harry Hill Movie… albeit slightly rephrased;

What the shit did I just sit through?
How the fuck was this puerile nonsense ever made?
Why on Earth did so many people work on something that was always clearly going to be such a festering pile of crap?

It really is that bad. Usually in this section I would talk about the quality of the films script, story, performances, mise en scene, cinematography… But in the case there really isn’t any point.  I found myself losing concentration so frequently watching this movie it’s ridiculous, each scene just felt as if the filmmakers had turned up each day at some random location and proceeded to add-lib the entire production.

In fact, the only moments where The Harry Hill Movie grabbed my extremely waning attention where when good quality actors appeared on screen… Not as you’d guess – “to marvel at their performances” – but to frustratingly question – “Why the cack are you denting you career by agreeing to act in this horse manure??”

If I could sum this up in one word – Boring. I didn’t laugh once watching this “Comedy”. The Harry Hill Movie isn’t even worth a glance; don’t even let mundane curiosity lead you astray. Avoid at all costs!

Maniac Rating - 1 Star