“Not a bad start for Seth MacFarlane, but I think everyone would have preferred Family Guy the Movie.”

Ted Review
By Simon Jago

Creator of ‘Family Guy’ and ‘American Dad’, Seth MacFarlane makes his cinematic directorial debut with his adult comedy Ted. Being a massive fan of the previously mentioned TV shows, I must admit I wasn’t sold on this one after watching the trailer. I couldn’t see how the freedom of his wacky surreal animated sense of humour could transcend into a feature length live action film, and after watching the film, I think my original thoughts were correct.

John Bennett was a very lonely child growing up, until one day a Christmas wish brought his cuddly toy bear Ted (Seth MacFarlane) to life. From that moment on the two were inseparable, best friends forever. As the two grow up, they encounter all the usual problems life has to throw at you; work, money, relationships, etc. However, John’s serious relationship with Lori (Mila Kunis) is in trouble, as she begins to resent John’s friendship with his crude loudmouth companion and friction between the three begins.

I didn’t dislike Ted, far from it, I found it an enjoyable movie, with some humerous moments that made me laugh, but on the whole I couldn’t help but feel it would have worked better as an episode of ‘Family Guy’. Starring various cast members that work on his TV shows and featuring a very similar comedy style, the film just can’t break free of its ‘Family Guy’ roots and this was a real problem for me because you just cant help but compare the two.

All the performances we’re solid. Mark Wahlberg was great as always and Mila Kunis is always a delight to watch. Seth MacFarlane has a brilliant way of bringing animated characters to life and there’s even a great cameo from Sam J. Jones the man who plays Flash Gordon. There were also plenty of film references to feast your eyes on, in true MacFarlane style but despite having all the elements, something was just a touch lack luster for me.

I think on the whole I was just expecting a funnier film. The cinema screen I was in wasn’t exactly filled with raucous laughter, but instead a selection of more reserved chuckles, mainly at the bits that featured in the trailer. Not a bad start for Seth MacFarlane, but I think everyone would have preferred Family Guy the Movie.

Maniac Rating - 3 Stars