Well after all the twitter pics and rumours it’s now official, Sam Smith will be creating the theme song for the newest Bond adventure Spectre (2015) out in November.

The character of James Bond is well known for racing fast cars that would leave Vin Diesel in the dust, macking more honies than a hip hop video and going up against some of the most iconic bad guys in cinema history. With Spectre (2015) featuring infamous “Jew Hunter” Christoph Waltz & WWE powerhouse Dave Bautista as the villains we are naturally very excited for this next installment.

However, this did get us thinking… With all the secret volcano lairs and sharks with “frickin lazer beams” on their heads, how much would it cost to be a Bond villain? Thanks to Buddyloans who have created a fantastic info-graphic you need not wonder any more. Here is a breakdown of how much you will need to become the next Blofeld or Dr.No. Read More