Visit our website to download the position description. Please note that these documents are just examples. Organizations should use financial and legal advice to prepare agreements tailored to their own context. The Summer Foundation has obtained some examples of documents for different types of agreements: the five main strategies of the Summer Foundation to prevent young people from being forced to live in care homes are: the new housing placement service is aimed at people with disabilities and the complex needs of support blocked in the hospital due to the lack of suitable housing, meeting their needs and preferences, with a delayed exit. Team coordinators provide secondary advice to the person`s health team, support coordinator and others, and then conduct an innovative housing search. The expected results are building the capacity of the health sector for housing and freeing people with disabilities from the hospital to housing that best meets their housing needs and preferences. Employment under the National Police History Check The housing placement service uses an action search methodology for ongoing assurance and quality assessment. A member of the research team is integrated into the brokerage department to manage data collection, analysis, interpretation and coverage. . We want to take on that role as quickly as possible. Nominations will be considered when we receive them.

Four key areas need to be addressed to address the problem of young people in nursing homes in Australia. The main objective of the Summer Foundation, established in 2006, is to change the policy and practice of human service in relation to young people in care homes. The Summer Foundation uses a series of strategies to influence policies and practices related to this target group in the languages of health, housing, aged care and disability services. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply. The experience is appreciated and viewed positively by the organization. The values of the successful candidate will be the same as those of the Summer Foundation. The Values of the Summer Foundation include: Allied or Equivalent Health Qualification (privileged but not essential) The Summer Foundation offers amazing flexibility. We also offer salary packaging, a supportive and collaborative team environment and the opportunity to feel comfortable with what you get at the end of the day. The information consultant provides secondary advice on NDIS policies and procedures, navigation and support. This secondary consultation is a response to requests registered with the disability information service and/or their loved ones, as well as health, community and elder care providers.