“Science Fiction Perform Distinctive”

Wow Arnold Schwarzenegger in Star Wars… Honestly where to begin with this one?  So who is Arnie’s character, the Governator of Coruscant?  Giving literal meaning to the title Mr Universe. Also I love the “18 in 1″ selling strategy at the top. Does that mean we are privileged with 18 bootleg Star Wars sagas for the price of one? Happy Days! I don’t even know what a Mac Classic movie is but I’m sure Steve Jobs had nothing to do with this.

I know I’m being hyper critical judging the Photoshop workmanship on this but the characters appear to be dropped onto a burning hot lava forest while obscuring what appears to be an X-Wing battle. If you want to get completely anal there were not X-Wings featured in the prequel saga. Also kudos for using Arnie from the movie Predator, at least there is an alien connection of some variety there.