“The attention to detail that they each put into their roles is fascinating and they deserve immense credit. To my mind, these are career defining performances.”

Foxcatcher (2015)
by Ryan Casey @CaseTheAce87

Certificate: 15
Cast: Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, Steve Carell
Director(s): Bennett Miller
Screenwriter(s):  E.Max Frye, Dan Futterman
Running Time: 134 mins

Next up in Oscar Fodder season comes, Foxcatcher. This true story has raised my interest with a strong preview campaign, that hinted at a somewhat sinister, unnerving and gritty story, this combined with a very strong cast compelled me to label this movie as a must watch!

Olympic wrestling champion brothers Mark & David Schultz (Tatum & Ruffalo) join team ‘Foxcather’, fronted by multi-millionaire benefactor & coach John Du Pont (Carell), in preparation for the 1988 Seoul games. This new bond provokes an intense and challenging atmosphere between the three men, whose turbulent relationships will ultimately dictate their destiny.

I’m going to try and guard most of the key aspects of the story in this review, as to my mind it would have a negative impact on your enjoyment of the film… Go in with a semi-misconception of what might be about to happen… needless to say “I didn’t see that coming!”  Where my exact words after watching this movie!

Foxcatcher was somewhat of a rollercoaster for me… I went from feeling initially content with the films slow, moody build. To getting slightly anxious to the fact that nothing much was happening & everything was still really slow. Doubt followed by mild boredom sort of took hold… Then before I knew it I was mesmerized with what I was watching… Everything was still really slow though! Honestly the rollercoaster never got out of first gear…

Foxcather deserves praise on many levels, but none more so than the films cast; the three leads are nothing short of sensational. Channing Tatum once again shows his growing versatility as an actor, more so with his on-screen presence which is undeniable. Mark Rufallo, although for the majority of the film takes a back seat to the other two leads, is the soul of the movie, and conveys such feeling through his character. Steve Carell jumps into a more serious side of cinema and produces on levels I would have never thought possible or associated with him at all… He commands every scene and is unsettlingly enchanting (once you get over his gigantic prosthetic nose).

The attention to detail that they each put into their roles is fascinating and they deserve immense credit. To my mind, these are career defining performances.

Foxcather’s brooding, calculated style is no doubt a risky one, and probably wouldn’t work if not for its stellar cast… make no mistake this film will not be too everyone’s taste. But for me it works in driving home an extremely powerful story that is full of raw emotion and intrigue.

Maniac Rating - 4 Stars