Movie Maniacs has taken many forms over the years, starting as a sketch show that Simon Jago & Clark Brady created for their final major project at college. Then developing into a pilot sitcom which took two years to make, the idea has now finally found it’s footing as an online comedy outlet. Specialising in movie parodies, The Movie Maniacs cover everything from films to football. We also cover various Comic Con events and love hearing bad jokes whether you’re a cosplayer or a celebrity. With the hope of one day have an animated series or sitcom or idea the team would be nothing without you the viewers so thank you for following our work over the years and helping to support us.


Simon Jago – Producer
One of the creators and main driving force behind the project, Simon dabbles in a bit of everything. A part from overseeing production he also creates weekly artwork of famous film and television characters. Check out the Movie Maniacs Gallery here.

Ryan Casey – Video Editor
Ryan has been with Movie Maniacs from the beginning and even co-wrote the sitcom during pre-production. A confident actor and a graduate from Kingston University, Ryan now works at Splice Media and fits in the editing when he’s not working the late shifts.

Matt Allen – Head Writer / Assistant Editor
The latest edition to The Movie Maniacs Matt is our head writer when it comes to reviews and scripts. Great with words Matt can put to paper the endless steam of ideas that come from the rest of the teams imagination. In charge of reviews Matt keeps the site regularly updated with his brutal thoughts of all the latest films.

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